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Revolutionary War era Brazier stove
as was used by the Continental Army.
Three such original stoves were used as
reference in the construction of this stove.
One on display at Fort Ligonier, the second in the
Colonial Williamsburg Collection
the third in a private collection.
The stove measures 8" by 8" (the box)
and is 8" tall with a 6" long handle.

Price $480.00
Revolutionary War era Brazier
Revolutionary War era Brazier
Revolutionary War era Brazier

Betty Lamp
Betty Lamp
Standing Betty Lamp with candle.
Copied from originals in various museum catalogs
and on display at Colonial Williamsburg's museum.
Most notable on this lamp is the execution of the
integral hinge on the top lid.
Also note the small tendon (peened over) on the lamps side
indicating the manner in which the top is attached to the body.
A technique found on originals but rarely found on reproductions.
This Betty lamp stands 26" tall overall.

Small Trammel hook
for betty lamp.